Thursday, June 1, 2023


The international barriers to Trump’s economic plan

With Republicans holding majorities in both houses of Congress, US President-elect Donald Trump should have a relatively clear road ahead to implement his domestic economic agenda. But if Trump is to deliver the high growth he has promised, he will have to overcome external barriers as well, writes Mohamed A. El-Erian.

How to put the ‘African’ back into African Studies

From 1993 to 2013, the proportion of articles written by Africa-based scholars plummeted in two leading journals. Why? asks Celia Nyamweru.

Stalking a killer fungus

Superbugs – disease-causing microbes that are resistant to many (or all) antibiotics – are here, and they are already killing people.
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Confronting the next global health challenge

While mortality rates from infectious diseases are falling, developed countries’ sedentary lifestyles, tobacco use, and poor diets are catching on in the developing world, and chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are increasing at an alarming rate.

The new xenophobia

If community centers, schools, and public locations are places where people of different religions, cultures, and race meet, xenophobia is less likely to take root. Even living in an area where others mix can help. This is why the new xenophobia has largely been resisted in Europe’s most diverse cities, writes Ngaire Woods.

Does Ethiopia’s foreign policy focus on diplomacy?

Ethiopia’s emergence from land-locked isolation and integration into the global economy is deepening and accelerating, giving support to the label that has sometimes been accorded to it, namely that of Africa’s newest “Lion Economy”, writes Getachew Mekonnen.
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Sustaining the Trump rally

Before the election, most analysts predicted that a Trump win would trigger a large stock-market selloff and a rush into low-risk government bonds. And, indeed, when the results began rolling in, that is what happened, beginning with Trump’s dramatic victory in Florida and gaining traction as his lead in the Electoral College grew, writesMohamed A. El-Erian.

Now is the time for leadership, commitment, and impact

Since 2009, there is 60 percent decline in new HIV infections among children in the 21 sub-Saharan African countries that are most affected by the epidemic, writes Peter Vrooman.

Containing the populist contagion

Contagion is a well understood process in finance: a shock in one place produces tremors elsewhere, because pattern-seeking market participants perceive fundamental forces at work.
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Could Trump trap or trump climate change commitments?

Before Election Day, his comments and election campaign policy clearly shows that he will boost the economy via creating new jobs by way of installing huge factories, industries and projects.
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