Friday, September 29, 2023


The wınd of unıty and solıdarıty

Currently, Turkey is combatting multiple terrorist organizations simultaneously. FETO could not achieve bringing turmoil to Turkey and hit the wall of our nation’s resolve.

Press freedom isn’t free

According to Freedom House, 2015 was the worst year for press freedom in over a decade, with only 13 percent of the world's population living in countries with a genuinely free press.

Vaccines for an aging population

Population aging has stoked fear that the burden on government budgets, health-care systems, and economies will become untenable.
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Do-no-harm development

Local communities affected by development projects too often face reprisals when they speak out against disruptions to their lives.

CSOs participation and role in humanitarian assistance efforts

The Government is working with non-state actors to respond to the urgent needs of people affected by drought in different regions, with the effort...

Harnessing the power of teenage girls

The marginalization of girls worldwide is morally reprehensible, socially self-defeating, and economically foolish.
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The global security threat of antimicrobial resistance

The fight against infectious diseases is headed backward, as once-beatable microbes become resistant to existing therapies.

The Kagnews in Korea

The Kagnew battalions were sent to stand with South Koreans against the combined forces of North Korea and China, from June 1951 to the end of the war.  They fought in a number of engagements including the Battle of Pork Chop Hill, writes Alem Asres.

The death of OPEC

The shale-energy revolution in the United States, for example, has had a far-reaching international impact – far greater than expected. The Atlantic Basin ran an oil surplus – producing more than it consumed – for the first time in a half-century, writes Anas Alhajji.
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Africa’s post-Brexit opportunity

Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Kenya have already modified their foreign policies, particularly their placement and selection of ambassadors, to focus on global economic and trade issues, writes Calestous Juma.
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Recent Politics

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