Tuesday, March 21, 2023


I won’t lie by claiming that I am not dead

Even if there was no rigging or ballot stuffing or any such shenanigan during the day of an election and vote counting, obviously an election held in an atmosphere of fear and the brutal suppression of dissenting voices is anything but democratic, argues Gedion Timothewos Hessebon

Empty promises and dead children

If governments are sincere about delivering on the SDGs’ promise on child mortality, they must get serious about ensuring equity in health care.

The global economy’s stealth resilience

The distinct failure to agree on monetary and fiscal policy seems highly dangerous.
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Ever Closer Union or Common Market?

Like the British, many Continental Europeans are asking whether transnational regulation by Brussels-based institutions and a political union are actually necessary.

Defeating meningitis in Africa

The first vaccination campaign reached virtually everyone in the country aged 1-29. In the five years since then, more than 235 million people have been immunized across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Infrastructure for a sustainable future

Policymakers will need to ensure a significant increase in total investment. This requires a reversal of the broadly negative public-investment trend in the last couple of decades.
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South Sudan’s man-made hunger crisis

An estimated 40,000 people in Unity State are facing catastrophic shortages in basic supplies.

Islam vs Islam

The Shia number 225 million and are geographically much more concentrated.

More war than peace

After decades of relative peace, the death toll from armed conflicts is rising once again.
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